I am so glad to see you all back today – and some new faces, too.  Welcome!  I had a great summer but I am always glad when school starts up again so that I can get back to my regular schedule.  I think that many of you probably feel the same.  I was looking at some friends’ pictures online this week and I was reminded of something funny I have seen called photobombing.  When people are posing for a photo and someone sneaks into the background (maybe making a funny face), that is called photobombing.  I brought some examples to show you.

This is a photo of two celebrities at an awards show.  It looks like a nice picture until you see that Kelly Clarkson has snuck in there and photobombed it!  This one is a couple that were getting married, but look – the ring bearer is photobombing!  Here is a sneakier one where the photobomber is peeking between the two subjects of the photo.  Now this last one might be a bit tricky: can you see any photobombers in this nature photo?  That’s right, they are looking through the bushes at the back there!

This summer I went on a hike with Christopher in Waterton and we took some pictures.  Now, you have all gotten pretty good at spotting the photobombers.  Can you find one in our photo at the top of Bear’s Hump?  Anybody peeking between our faces?  Any people hiding in the bushes?  I’m not surprised that you don’t see anyone – because it was a trick question.  There are no photobombers that we can see in this picture.  But there was someone that was with us on that hike – God.

God can be found at awards shows, at weddings, in nature, and in our everyday lives.  God could be a photobomber in any one of these pictures we looked at today and any photos that you took with your family and friends this summer.  God is with us on all our adventures and in our most ordinary moments.  God created us and is interested in our lives.  Let us remember God’s presence with us as we go forward into this new school year so that we never have to feel alone or overwhelmed.