I am so glad to see all of you back at Southminster today.  I missed you all over the summer.  Usually when I see all your smiling faces back after a long break, it means that school has started up again.  Are you all back in school?  Or starting for the first time?

I think it is pretty common in the first week back for teachers to test you.  They want to find out how much you learned last year with a different teacher and how much of it you forgot over the summer.  Did any of you have teachers who did that?  I wonder if any of the Sunday School teachers will quiz you the same way now that you have returned here…

Maybe we should do a couple of practice questions just in case Christina brought a test for the first day back.  I brought some flash cards, so let’s see how you do.


Who was thrown into a pit of lions for being faithful to God?  Daniel
When Jesus fed over 5,000 men, how many loaves of bread did he have?  Five
What symbol did God show Noah as a promise not to flood the Earth again?  Rainbow


With a little help from the congregation, you are all doing great with these questions.  I have just one more card.  1 + 1 = what?  It seems like a lot of you are very confident about this answer.  You think it’s two?  I think you must remember that from math class at school, but maybe you forgot that we have been doing flash cards with questions from the Bible.

Jesus said, “When two or more gather in my name, I will be with them”.  Even if there were only two of us here today (maybe just me and Charlotte) Jesus would be with us also.  So in math class, Hilary + Charlotte definitely equals two people.  But in Sunday School, Hilary + Charlotte = 3 because Jesus is there with us too!