Last week I gave you each one of these.  We talked about the idea that God’s love is for everyone.  God has so much love; it is so big that everyone can have some.

God’s creation is also big.  I have got this book about the Universe that shows planets, stars, moons, and so much more.  Only twenty pages in here are even about Earth.  Human beings only get a single paragraph and my name is not even mentioned once!  I scoured the whole book with my magnifying glass to make sure.

I thought maybe I would do better with a book just about Earth.  But this map of Canada only shows Edmonton and Calgary in this area.  No mention of our city and no notation that says ‘Hilary lives here’.  I tried a Lethbridge-specific map and found my street, but I don’t see how God could find me without my mailing address and a GPS.

God created the Universe, the Earth, Canada, and Lethbridge.  God created me and every other living thing on the planet.  That’s a lot of people for God’s big love to reach.  But it does reach.  God takes a magnifying glass to find you and love you.  God counts on us to find and love those around us.  So be on the lookout for people who need to understand that God’s love is for each of them too.