I need your help today to spell out our theme word.  I have the letters right here.  We can all put them together to spell PEACE.

But are you sure that this is how we spell the word?  What if someone disagrees?  What if we have an argument and I storm off angry that you did not all change the letters when I said we should use an “I” in the word?  Would we still have PEACE when I (holding the letter P) move away from the group?

What if someone teased me for having short hair or smelly shoes?  I would feel poorly and may choose to disassociate myself from the group.  Would we still have PEACE then?

I read this book at the library yesterday called Nutmeg and Barley about two small animals who are neighbours that are just becoming friends.  Barley got sick and Nutmeg went to check on him.  Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding, a little miscommunication where the mouse said ‘would love some tea’ but the squirrel heard ‘should leave me be’ instead.  There could not be PEACE in their relationship until the misunderstanding between them was repaired.

It is so easy to leave someone out – a person at school, a group of people from joining a club…  But it just does not work.  Without including everyone there can not be PEACE.