Christopher started growing a beard this week.  It is starting to look good, but he still has a little way to go before he is really happy with it.  I have never seen Barry without a beard in all the time I have known him — that’s almost eight years!  He has been growing that for a long time!  Can you imagine if we were all rewarded for growing facial hair?

Barry has been growing for more than eight years — here’s $100!
Christopher has been growing for about eight days — here’s $100!
And mine… [don an elaborate fake moustache] My moustache has been on for less than a minute — here’s my $100!  Does that seem fair?  Barry and I each got the same amount even though his facial hair is many years old and mine came so quickly and easily!  What if, instead of $100 bills, I was giving out God’s love?

Barry has an old beard?  Here is God’s love!
Christopher has new facial hair?  Here is God’s love!
Hilary has an instant, ridiculous moustache that required almost no effort?  Here is God’s love!
Most of you aren’t old enough or don’t have the right hormones to grow a beard or moustache, but you all get God’s love too!  Fair or not — God’s love is for everyone!