Natalie got here the quickest – she is the winner!
Katie made the biggest donation to the offering plate – she is the winner!
Rhyden is the youngest of our group this morning – she is the winner!

I once won a prize in Sunday School for having the best attendance.  I didn’t miss a single Sunday morning that year.  Have any of you ever won something?  A basketball game or a running race?  Is anyone the greatest at spelling in their class?

It feels good o be the best at something.  Jesus’ disciples often argued about which of them were the best.  Not the best bowler or the best kitchen helper – they wanted to know who Jesus thought was the overall greatest of his followers.  In our Bible story today, Jesus confronts the disciples about how silly they are to be discussing this subject at all.  Jesus tells them that it’s not important who runs fastest or teaches the most stories about God.  The thing that makes us the greatest is the way that we treat other people.