Jesus often told stories called parables to help people to understand his messages.  I do that too.  I try to relate each week’s Bible story to something easy for you kids to understand – like farming, fishing and shepherding.  Unless you do not think those are very helpful comparisons…  Maybe I will use building blocks as an example instead.

The stories Linda will read today are about repentance which means turning away from bad behaviour, apologising when you do something wrong.

Let us pretend that each one of these blocks represents something for which we do not have to be sorry. We will build a tower with each one of them as we think of them.

-arriving on time for a music lesson
-following the dress code at school
-helping fold laundry
-saying kind things to a friend
-raising your hand in class
-clearing up after dinner
-respecting someone’s privacy
-doing all your homework
-switching off the lights when you leave a room
-remembering an important birthday
-following traffic laws
-growing up
-remaining young at heart

We should not feel sorry for the good things we do – so we do not apologise.  But there always seems to be one thing, one last block.  One thing that we do need to be sorry about.  Sometimes repenting is a difficult thing to do.

Just as Jesus explains that he wants to keep all his sheep safely in his flock, he would want to keep all his Lego bricks in one tower.  Jesus is more pleased about the one block for which you say sorry than for all those when you have no need.  He celebrates the circumstances that bring this last brick to join the rest of the tower – the repentance, turning away from wrongdoing.