Look at this book I got from the library.  It is so big – what a great book.  And it is about big animals – a tiger, a hippo and an elephant.  It must be a great book when it is so large and so full of large characters.  Even the text is big on each page.  Bigger is better!  More more more!  Oh, but there is a fly in this story too, a tiny little fly.  I do not imagine that the fly is very important to the story.  He must not be very powerful or influential or meaningful.  He is just a tiny little fly.

In this book Jesus teaches us something else.  He says that size is not important when it comes to our faith.  Even faith as small as a seed can be powerful if it is put into action.  A small but mighty person can make just as much difference.

Today we celebrate Worldwide Communion.  People in churches and faith communities all over the world are sharing a meal in honour of Jesus’ last supper.  That meal reminds us of God’s love for each one of us.  Even though the portion is just a tiny little morsel – a mere taste of bread soaked in a drop of juice – it still means just as much.

Let us say the Lord’s Prayer today with our hands on the communion table instead of holding hands.  We are just a few little people… in a little church… in a little city… blessing this little meal as part of the wider community of God’s love.