This morning when I arrived, I came in through the narthex, walked under the mezzanine to my pew and picked up a hymn book.  Now we’re here at the chancel to talk about commandments.  Sometimes I wonder why we use all these confusing words instead of just being more direct.

I came through the entryway; I walked under the balcony; I sat on a bench; I sang some songs.  Now we are sitting on the steps to talk about God’s rules for the Hebrew people.  Some versions of the Bible use more big flowery words to explain the laws written on the stones by Moses.  And some versions cut right to the chase.  From the King James Version: this, and from my Kids’ Adventure Bible, simply “Rest and think about God on Sundays.”

Today we celebrate worldwide communion.  Communion is another one of those words that can be difficult to decipher.  I think that communion is a lot like Thanksgiving – just without the long hours preparing in the kitchen and stretch waistbands so that you can eat more.  Communion is our “Thank you, Jesus!” meal.  We thank Jesus for coming to live with people on Earth.  We thank Jesus for teaching us important lessons just like Moses and others before him did.  We thank Jesus for showing us that it is important to stand up for what is right even if it hurts sometimes.

When we are given rules to follow, it is important that we understand all the words so that we can do well.  And when we are being thankful, it is important to know what we are thankful for and to whom we should express our thanks.