A few weeks ago, we talked a bit about the ten commandments.  Those are the rules that Moses brought to the Hebrew people to teach them how to live well.  Many years later, Jesus was questioned about which of these rules was the most important.  I love Jesus’ answer because he really covers all his bases summarizing them all into two simple rules: love God and love other people.

Let’s read through the ten commandments (from my Kids’ Adventure Bible) and see if you can determine if each one shows how we love God or love people.  Today we see Carter, Madison, and Zander’s family declare their love for God through baptism.  And we show love for people as we invite and welcome them into our church family.

Every time we follow one of the commandments reminding us to love people, we are really by extension also showing our love for God.  If you can’t remember all ten of the commandments Moses gave, remember these two — love God and love others.