Rev. James told me that he wanted to talk about peace today.  Peace seems like a pretty big topic to me.  We young people aren’t going to stop all the wars in the world or solve conflicts between political leaders.  I was trying to think about things that we can do to create peace in our neighbourhoods, school yards, and homes.

I found these three books:
Hands Are Not For Hitting reminds us that our hands can be used in positive, peace-making ways.  Instead of hitting, what can we use our hands for?  (hugging, high fives, waving, clapping)

Feet Are Not For Kicking reminds us that our feet should not be used for destructive things.  Instead of kicking, what peaceful things can we use our feet for?  (stomping soil on a newly planted garden, participating in a charity fundraising walk)

Words Are Not For Hurting reminds us that our words are very powerful.  We can use harsh words to hurt others, but we’re better off being kind and caring with our words.  Sometimes it’s better to keep our words to ourselves and stay silent than to say things that will be hurtful to others.  What kind words do we use?  (I love you, good morning, peace be with you)

They may seem like small things, but every bit of peace that we can create in our homes and relationships means a more positive and peaceful world for everyone.