Do any of you have one of these at your house?  This is the Sears Christmas Wish Book.  Every year since I was a kid, I remember paging through the Wish Book to help me decide what I wanted to ask my parents to buy me for Christmas.  One year I asked for a watch – and I got it!  Another year I asked for a dressy coat – and I got one!  There is a lot of cool stuff in here: games, toys, trampolines, dolls, Lego, costumes, jewellery, tools, big TVs, and so much more.  But I am not greedy; I know that I should only ask for one gift.  So I am going to ask for this one I marked with a blue sticky note.  It is agelato and ice cream maker.

So I called my Mom to tell her what she should buy me.  But she said it was too expensive.  NO.  So the next day I called back and asked to talk to my Dad instead.  But he also said that the gadget cost too much for a Christmas gift.  I called back a few more times throughout the week to try to convince them.  That did not work.  Maybe if I go to Sears, I could beg the staff to give me one.  If I just stay at the store asking again and again – they might give me a gelato and ice cream maker, right?

In the Bible story today, we hear about a woman who kept returning to a mean judge pleading for justice.  Maybe she was not getting her share at the food bank or someone was butting in front of her in line at the well.  So, she begged and pestered that judge because she was not being treated fairly.  She bugged and bothered him until she got the justice that she deserved.  He was so annoyed that he helped her even though he was mean and did not care.

Hmmm…  now that I think about that story again, maybe my Wish Book idea is not so good.  That woman was trying to get the judge to fix something that was not fair.  She persisted because she knew what was right and good and needed the judge to help fix it.  If I keep calling my parents or pester the store employees for this gelato and ice cream maker, I would just be annoying!  This is not something that I need and it does not make the world better for me to have it.

When Jesus told that story, it was to teach us that we should ask for things that make the world better.  If we know that something is wrong, we should ask for it to be fixed.  Jesus said that if a mean judge can figure out how to do the right thing, imagine what God can do!