[Christopher followed me up to the chancel, sat behind me, and repeated everything I said…  until I gave him the signal to stop.]

Good morning! [Good morning!]
I’m glad to see you all here today.  [I’m glad to see you all here today.]
Uh, what are you doing?  [Uh, what are you doing?]
Are you going to copy everything I say?  [Are you going to copy everything I say?]
Does anyone else find this kind of annoying?  [Does anyone else …]

Have you ever copycatted someone?  Or had someone do that to you?  It can be fun or really annoying, but I wonder why people do it.  There is an expression that I am reminded of: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  That means that if someone copies you, it’s probably because he thinks that you are pretty cool.  Christopher must think pretty highly of me to want to be like me and copy the things that I say and do.

If someone is going to copy my words and actions, I better make sure that I do good things worth copying.  I wouldn’t litter or pick my nose because I don’t want Christopher to imitate those behaviours.

In today’s Bible story, we learn that God wants us all to be copycats.  Jesus came to Earth to be an example for all of us.  He didn’t spend a lot of time picking his nose.  Jesus was welcoming, loving, and thoughtful.  If we copy those actions of Jesus, we can be people worth copying too.