I always use the same recipe whenever I bake cookies.  It’s from my Grandma’s cookbook so I know that they’ll turn out great.  But every once in a while, I do make some slight changes.  They’re called “Chocolate Chip Cookies” but I’m allergic to chocolate, so I always make mine with carob chips.  Sometimes I’ll use gluten-free flour or margarine instead of butter… but they always taste delicious.

I found this photo on the internet (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/438256607468069493/) which shows how a cookie can look different with just one bit of the recipe changed.  Isn’t that interesting that the ingredients are all almost the same, but the cookies each look a little bit different.

It’s the same with people, isn’t it?  We’re all made a little bit differently.  Maybe we grew up on a farm; maybe our parents got divorced when we were little; maybe we have ten older sisters.  None of these things are necessarily good or bad – just like choosing margarine or butter when you’re baking – they’re different!

Lily is a little different cookie than Jada.  And that’s wonderful!  Little differences, but all still loved children of God!