Thanks for coming to sit with me up here.  Thanks for coming to church this morning.  Thanks for bringing your family along.  Thanks for your coins of offering that will help the life and work of this church. [I held up a big banner with THANKS spelled out.]

By being here, you are giving your time, giving your money, and giving  your attention to what goes on in this place.  Those of us who put together and offer the service are giving too.  We are giving our time and our talents.  [I held up a big banner with GIVING spelled out.]

[I lay the banners out on the floor with GIVING first.]  Put them together and what have you got?  Bippity, boppity, boo!  No… what you have is giving thanks.  Giving thanks is something that we are called to do as God’s children. Being grateful is what Thanksgiving is all about.  Recognizing that we are blessed is so important, but recognizing it and giving thanks for those blessings is what this weekend is all about.

You are a blessed child of God.  Be thankful for that!