I have brought my purse up with me today to show you what I carry around with my every day.  It is all pretty normal stuff, I think: my wallet, my phone, sunglasses, hand sanitiser, a pen, and my medicine.  I carry these around with me all the time because I am never sure when I might need them.  It is simpler to carry them with me than to search around for them when the sun is shining brightly and I suddenly want these glasses.  What things do you carry around every day?
There are some other things that people carry with them that do not necessarily fit into a purse or pocket.  Some people carry grudges – bad feelings about a person or situation – for a long time.  I carry memories of my Granny who died in the spring.  Those are things that we carry in our hearts and our minds.
The scripture passage today (Deuteronomy 6: 1-9) reminds us that God wants us to carry love in our hearts, too.  God wants us to remember the commandments to love God, other people, and ourselves and to carry that reminder wherever we go.  It will not be as heavy as carrying around a full purse and it will not be as harmful as carrying years’ worth of grudges and sneers.
Instead of holding hands today and potentially spreading my sickness, let us pray with our hands over our hearts.  As we pray, let us remember that God’s love is there and is meant to be shared.