My story is not going to work today if you kids have not ever heard of this, so I hope you have.  Do you know the alphabet?

Oh, good.  That’s going to make this easier.  So you all know that the alphabet begins with H, right?  Or is it S?  I know you are all better at this than me… A comes first?  There is nothing before it?

God’s presence in the world and in our lives is like the alphabet – nothing comes before it and nothing comes after it.  In the Bible, God does not say, “I am the A and the Z.”  They used a different alphabet in that time – the Greek alphabet.  So God said, “I am the alpha and omega”, but it means the same thing – there is nothing before me and nothing after me.

We can look at this string of beads to help us understand.  There is nothing before the first bead.  Is there anything after the last bead?  But more than a straight string of beads with a beginning and an end, I like to think of God as a circle.  God’s love for us has no beginning – not when we were born or baptised or first memorised the Lord’s Prayer.  No beginning and no end.