Today is called Christ the King Sunday.  This is the last Sunday of the church year before we begin Advent next weekend.  Christ the King Sunday is a good time for us to remember Jesus’ role as King in our lives.

So, I wore this apron.  Because to me, apron says KING!  You do not think that a king would wear this?  I guess I could have worn my gardening gloves or my steel-toed boots.  Maybe when you imagine a king, you think of someone with a crown, a purple robe with fur lining, or a grand castle full of chefs and house cleaners and dog groomers.  Those are things that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip likely have in England, but not Christ the King, our Prince of Peace.  Jesus is a different kind of king.

In his time, Jesus was a servant king.  He may have worn an apron to serve at yesterday’s tea.  He helped people who were sick, he visited with people who were outcasts, he loved those were not loved by anyone else.  He serves and loves and encourages us to do the same.  He may have been more comfortable in an apron or work boots, but Jesus is our king and we remember that today.