When I heard that it was Rain of Christ Sunday, I thought that I had better come prepared with my umbrella.  But we have this reading every year in church before Advent and I have never seen anyone in here with an umbrella…  So maybe I read it wrong.

Oh!  It says REIGN of Christ Sunday – as in the ruler of a kingdom.  It is also called Christ the King Sunday.  I think it makes more sense to wear a crown than to carry an umbrella on this windy day anyway.

Some kinds have crowns and jewels and land.  We know that Jesus lived a simple life with only the things that he really needed.  Some kings have a lot of fancy clothes or  have someone that drives them around in a limo, but Jesus wore plain clothes and walked everywhere he went.

Today we celebrate Jesus as our King of Kings and the type of role model that we should all be: someone kind and caring who does not require extravagant things.  Let’s remember the King that we celebrate as we begin our countdown through Advent to Christmas!