Today we’re going to learn about a sermon that Jesus once gave where he described several ways that people can be truly happy.  Something that makes me happy is eating Rockets candies.  Maybe that makes some of you happy: candy, costumes, getting good grades in school, spending your allowance on a fancy video game.  Those things can make us feel happy for a while, but Jesus was not talking about getting a pumpkin full of sugary treats!

Jesus said, “Blessed are those who are sad for they will be comforted”.  Being blessed is not such an easy thing to understand.  Blessed are those who are sad?  I bet those sad people don’t feel very blessed or happy.  So I read them like this instead:

Jesus loves those who are spiritually needy.
Jesus loves those who are sad.
Jesus loves those who are free of pride.
Jesus loves those who are hungry and thirsty for what is right.
Jesus loves those who show mercy.
Jesus loves those whose hearts are pure.
Jesus loves those who make peace.
Jesus loves those who suffer for doing what is right.

Jesus’ love and a blessed life will last longer than any happiness that can be found in Hallowe’en candy or a new video game.