As a member of the Joint Search Committee, I was asked to offer the opening devotional at our most recent meeting.  In true Children’s Time form, I read a book to the group that I got from the library.  Check out The Perfect Nest by Catherine Friend.

Jack the cat is bulding the perfect nest.  It is bound to attract the perfect chicken, who will lay the perfecet egg, which will make the perfect omelet.  And sure enough, a chick shows up, but so do a duck and a goose.  Feathers get ruffled – and Jack gets much more than breakfast – in a funny tale rich in detail with a sweet final twist.

Jack the cat had a great plan.  He worked long and hard to get what he wanted.  He thought that everything was falling into place for him to get a delicious omelet.  In the end he got something different.  Something wonderful but not at all what he was expecting.

In the same way, as we do our work searching for a new Minister, we set out with a delicious omelet in mind.  We will make all the appropriate preparations, but God may have different plans for our church family.  May we be open to new ideas, great surprises, unexpected results, and God’s blessing on our time together.