Babies need everything done for them.  They cannot even walk to the fridge for a snack on their own.  But babies are not good at showing how much they appreciate all the help given to them.  I have never received a Thank You card from a baby.  I guess they stop crying if you feed them; that could be a way of expressing appreciation.
Kids like you are needing less help from your parents and caregivers as you grow up.  You can do a lot of things for yourself, but maybe you still need a ride to school from your Mom when you miss the bus.  You are also learning to be appreciative.  You know when it is appropriate to be thankful for the things that are given to you and done for you.  It is starting to balance out a little.
As adults, the rest of us have become (mostly) self-sufficient and no longer need our parents for much.  Hopefully by this stage in our lives we have also mastered the ability to show our thankfulness.  Maybe we no longer need to show appreciation to the people who raised us, but I think it is the perfect time.
The Bible story today is about a man who did not appreciate all he had been given.  Even as an adult, this younger brother did not appreciate the sacrifice that his father made for him.  He was tired of living on the farm – he wanted to move to Hollywood (or wherever) to live a different life.  So, he asked his father for his portion of the inheritance.  With his money, the man ran off to spend his money gambling and eating fancy meals.  Eventually, when his money ran out, he realised that he had been an ungrateful, unappreciative son.  He returned to his father’s house, offered an apology and expressed his appreciation for the wealth he had been given.
In much the same way, we should be wise stewards of the wealth that our Heavenly Father has given to us.  Let us remember to appreciate what God has given to us – our families, friends, animals, nature, wind and water.  I am forever grateful.