Are you afraid of anything?  A lot of people have fears.  Spiders, darkness, speaking in front of a crowd, heights, snakes, elevators…  Maybe some of you remember a Bible story about Daniel.  Daniel had a good reason to be scared – he thought that he was going to be eaten by a group of hungry lions.  But there is a great message from God in that story.  It is written on the back of those lions I have given you.  Fear not!  God was with Daniel in the den of lions just as God is with us when we feel fear.

Jesus knew when he died that his disciples would experience fear.  There would be wars, draughts, famine, and plagues – plenty of scary things.  But they were reminded (and we are too) that if we keep God’s love in our hearts and Jesus’ teaching on our minds, that we will be comforted.  Fear not!  God is with you!