Do any of you play basketball?  I have not played in a long time, but I think that I remember the main idea.  You just have to get the ball into the basket, right?  If I really want to get it in there, I need to make sure I throw it hard enough.  If I just give it a weak underhand, it will not make it far enough.  But if I throw it too hard, it might go right past.  I might miss either way.  Then I would just have to get up to retrieve it which would be such a pain, plus I might feel embarrassed.  So, to be on the safe side… I just won’t throw it at all.  Does that sound good?

Okay, but what if I miss?  Should I worry about it?  No?  Alrighty, I will give it a try.  That was much more fun than just dropping the ball on the floor!

This is kind of like today’s Bible story.  Three people were given some money.  Two of them took a risk and spent the money on something that would make them more money back (maybe a food truck or a booth at the farmers’ market).  And it worked, just like when I took a risk with the ball.  The third person was so nervous with the money he was given that he just hid it away for safe keeping (maybe under his bed).

Jesus told this story to remind us that we are all given gifts and skills and talents.  It is up to each of us to make good use of those things and to take risks and try new things.  Don’t keep your special talents to yourself – share them to make the world a happier place.