How excited are you about all this snow?  I would rather look at the winter from indoors… I am not a big fan of the cold weather and the slippery streets.  It has really made me think about all the rules of the road this week and how those rules are so much more important when we are driving in the winter.

Planning to stop for a red light starts further away; staying on the right side of the road takes more concentration when you cannot see the painted lines; icy intersections mean that you have to watch extra closely for pedestrians slipping off curbs before crossing.

Thinking about the importance of all these rules made me remember something that Jesus once told his followers about one of the commandments that was most important:  Love your neighbour.  If, instead of thinking about all the specific rules of staying safe on the roads, we could just think about that one rule – love your neighbour – we would do just as well at caring for others.  Considering the safety, health, and happiness of our neighbours is a great blanket rule that covers any more specific rule or law that I can think of.

Not only is this one commandment important for us in caring for our neighbours on the streets of Lethbridge.  It can also be translated to our further-away neighbours in other countries around the world.  They may not all have the same rules as us (driving on the right-hand side of the road for instance), but we can all agree that it is best to act in a loving manner, respecting that different people have different rules and customs.  On Remembrance Day, let us hope for a world where knowing and loving our neighbours can mean peace and understanding on our own city streets and between the nations of the world.