I got a paper cut on my hand on Friday.  I am still wearing a bandage on it because it hurts whenever I stretch it too much or hand-sanitizer gets into it.  I was definitely in no danger of dying from this tiny cut, but every day people do die from injuries and illnesses and old age.

In today’s Bible story, Jesus tries to explain what it will be like when we die.  It is hard to imagine that we will be resurrected in the way that Jesus was.  When we die, we will live on in God’s kingdom of heaven.  We will not have our bodies or take the bus or pay cell phone bills.  We will be the same, but different.

I look at my bandage and it reminds me of a caterpillar.  You know what happens to caterpillars?  They go into a cocoon and transform.  The caterpillar that was there – her mind and spirit – is the same, but now she looks like a butterfly.

Maybe that caterpillar spent a lot of time worrying, wondering, daydreaming, and debating with her friends about what it was like to be a butterfly – just like we worry and wonder and question what will happen to us after we die.  The caterpillar surely got more than she hoped for and Jesus reminds us that we will too.