I was thinking about the Ten Commandments this week.  You’ve heard of the Ten Commandments.  They are the rules and guidelines that God gave to the people of Israel to teach them how to live good lives.  But ten is a lot of Commandments for me to remember so I’ve condensed them all down into two basic rules.  And Jesus agrees that the most important Commandments are to “love God” and “love others as you love yourself”.

So I’ve got one of these for each of you.  On the end of the stick is a heart-shaped card that says “God” on one side and “people” on the other.  I’m going to read through each of the Ten Commandments and you get to vote for which one you think is a better fit.  Is the Commandment about loving God or is it about loving other people?

Each one of those commandments is all about loving God or loving people.  When we love other people, it makes God happy and when we love God, it usually translates into kindness, caring, and love for other people.  I think those are two rules we can remember to live by!