I have this branch here to show you today. Do you think that I could ever grow grapes on it as beautiful as these? Do you think that I could grow anything? No, because a branch has to be attached to the tree to stay alive. Grapes grow on vines which also must be attached to branches to survive, grow, and flourish.

Maybe this branch could be used for firewood or as a walking stick or to knock something down from a high shelf. But a branch can’t serve its intended purpose — growing grapes or being a home to animals or creating shade on a hot summer day unless it is attached to that tree.

Jesus said “I am the vine and you are the branches.” Without Jesus as this dead branch is without a tree, we can live a life. But being attached to the one true vine as we are when we welcome Jesus into our lives and attach ourselves to him — means that we can fulfill our intended purpose. We bear fruit in the way we show love for one another and share the good news that we too are loved.