Look around with me.  What kind of things do you see in this room that make it look like a church?

Stained glass, hymn books, piano/organ, choir robes, microphones, chancel, pews, pulpit, communion table, cross…

Do we really need all these things?  They help us to recognise this place as a space of worship, and to make our worship time together easier, but are they really necessary to our practices?

Hymn books – Could we sing songs from memory or learn them together?
Organ – We can use our bodies and voices to make beautiful music!
Microphones/cords/speakers – If we all sat closer together and faced inward, would we need all this fancy technology?
Pews – Instead, everyone could bring a camp chair… or we could sit on tree stumps!

I do not think that we even need the windows, the walls, or the roof.  Church is not about all this stuff.  We do not need a specific location or building or object to make a worship service.  Whenever I went to camp, it was all about the people and the warmth we shared.  Jesus said: Where two or more gather together in my name, there I am in the midst of them.