Yesterday I went down to Waterton to help with some painting at Canyon Church Camp.  We were painting the floors in some of the cabins and we had to reach the paint rollers under the beds.  Ayden had an extendible handle on his brush.  He could reach all the way under when he was sitting in the middle of the room.  It was cool!  It made me want something like… this!  I bought this long-reaching pincher tool on my way home.  It is great for grabbing things far away.

I used it to reach for this sweater on the top shelf of my closet.  I used it to zip up my dress.  I used it to dig my shoes out of the pile by the front door without even having to bend down.  I can pass Ethan a tissue if he sneezes.  I can offer Leah a sip of water if she gets thirsty – all without getting out of my seat.  This is such a handy tool!  I do not need anyone’s help anymore; I can do everything for myself.

Oh, but I did mean to put the offering dish up on the communion table.  I can do that with my looong reaching tool.  Um… well, I guess it does not reach that far.  Hm.  Ella, will you please place that on the table for me?  I guess I do still need help sometimes.  Thank you, Ella.

In today’s Bible story, Jesus is preparing his disciples for the time when he will not be around anymore.  Jesus promises that when he goes to Heaven to stay he will send an advocate – a helper – for his followers.  I think he meant the Holy Spirit which is always with us.  But I would like to think that we were all sent here by God to help and be advocates for each other.

Having a reaching tool like this is really cool, but it is nice to know that there are people here who will help me when something is beyond my grasp.  Let us find ways of extending our reach to help others.