Have you ever tried to build a tower out of playing cards?  I have done it before but it is really tough.  So, for you today, I decided to build a pyramid from plastic containers that were in my recycling bin.  [I stacked the upturned containers with a base of four up to the top layer with only one.]

But in Bible times, they likely would not have had apple sauce containers to stack.  What might they have used instead?  Rocks or stones – right!  If we used stones or bricks, we would have a solid, sturdy structure to be proud of.  A building that would stand strong through rough weather and last a long time.

What if, instead of rock, we built a tower out of people?  Our church is made up of the people who are here — not just today, but members from the past, people who are away on holiday this weekend and those that are home sick.  PEOPLE are what make up this church.

So maybe this container [in a middle row] represents Mary Lee and Joanne.  What if they were not here today to play piano and lead the music?  Well, it would probably be pretty quiet in here and not as much fun.  [pull container out, making others fall]  Mary Lee and Joanne are important parts of this church!

Maybe this bottom one represents Jennifer and Joyce.  They are making tea and setting out treats for coffee time after church.  What if Jennifer and Joyce were not here today?  I guess that we would all go home right after church and miss out on our social time afterwards.  I am grateful that they are here otherwise… [pull container out, making many fall]

What about this top container?  Maybe this one is Nate.  Removing that top layer does not seem to affect the church family the same way.  He is just a kid with no specific job to do.  He is not serving coffee or playing the big organ.  Taking away that container does not make the structure fall down.  But we can see that it just doesn’t look the same without it.  Nate is an important member of our church.  I am glad you’re here, Nate!

We are all the living stones that make this our church.  We are all important parts of this wonderful whole!