[I brought in a helium-filled balloon on 50′ of ribbon to ensure that I could let it rise all the way to the ceiling, but still get it back down.  Throughout the background of the story, I slowly let it ascend.]


This week we celebrate the ascension of Jesus.  Last Thursday, was forty days after Easter.  In those forty days following his death and resurrection, Jesus appeared several times to his disciples to reassure and encourage them.  To help them realise the responsibility of carrying on with the ministry Jesus had begun on earth.

On that Thursday – forty days later – Jesus rose to heaven and was not seen on earth again.  I imagine that the disciples felt lonely or discouraged without Jesus around anymore, but look – he is still within our reach.

Even though Jesus has gone to heaven, he is still within our reach.  Jesus’ love, his caring, his guidance… those things are close at hand if only we remember to reach out for them.

Jesus did not abandon his disciples (and us) here in the world.  He wanted to give us all a chance to carry on doing his good work – caring for children, loving our neighbours, and working for justice.

Let us each take hold of the ribbon, to remember as we pray, how close Jesus is to each of us.