When I am getting ready to go for a trip in my car, I make sure that I have everything with me that I might need.  I am going to Edmonton for four days in a few weeks and I wanted to make sure that my car’s emergency kit is ready to go too.  As I was checking the contents, it made me think of Psalm 23 about God as a shepherd.

It says “I have everything I need”, which I hope is true on this one and all the journeys I make.
“God lets me rest” – I have earplugs to block out traffic sounds if I need to pull over for a nap.
“God gives me new strength” – I have jumper cables in case my battery quits.  It can be given new strength by connecting it to another battery to jolt it back into working!
“God guides me on right paths” – I keep a few maps in here, too.  I do not have a GPS and I have not figured out how to work the maps in my cell phone, so these paper maps help me find the right paths to get me where I need to go.
“Even in deepest darkness, I will not be afraid” – I keep a flashlight and these glow sticks in my emergency kit in case I am stranded at night time.  That way, I can still see my map or look find my phone buried in the bottom of my purse to call for help.  Sometimes it can be a comfort when I am worried… just to have a light shining in the darkness.
“You fill my cup to the brim” – These do not even need to be for emergencies, it just makes sense to take a breakfast bar and a full water bottle on a car trip so that you are not tempted to stop for cheesies and ginger ale at every gas station along the way.

My emergency kit, like my God, is always there and ready to help.  But God does not want to be present only in emergencies, but in all the days of our lives.