I’m going to call my Mom after church today to wish her a happy mother’s day.  I have been thinking about all the things that she did when I was a kid (like brushing my hair) and all the things that she still does for me (like offering her sweater when I feel cold).  Christopher tells me that his Mum always made his lunches for school.  What things do your moms do for you?

[I recorded each response on a flower petal.]

Moms do lots of things.  They don’t always seem like big things but when you put them all together you really get something beautiful.  I was able to make those petals into a flower!

In today’s Bible story, we see that it is not always the mother that carried and gave birth to us that does these things.  Naomi could no longer be mother to her son who died, but acted like a mother to his widowed wife Ruth.  She didn’t have to be a mother to Ruth, but their relationship was as beautiful as this flower.

Mothers-in-law, grandmas, aunts, cousins, sisters, friends, mentors, coaches…  even dads can fill these roles and be these important people in our lives.  God bless mothers however untraditional their roles in our lives!