This is a picture of me when I was a baby.  That is part of my history.  Back a bit further, this is a picture of my parents when they got married in 1980.  That was 34 years ago.  They will celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary this year.

Also in that picture is my Granny.  She is my dad’s mum and she is a part of my history.  She and I have the same middle name.  You can go even further back in my family’s history to meet her mum.  That is my Great Granny, Fern.  She died when I was sixteen, but I remember her well.  She is a part of my history.

Anniversaries like my parents’ are cool because they help us to remember our history.  As we finish celebrating the anniversary of this building’s 100 years, we remember all the history that has happened in its rooms.  These photo directories give us a glimpse of that history.  We can see who was here and some of the fun stuff they did.

But today when I look around, I do not see history in this place.  Do you know what the opposite is of history?  I see the future.  I see all of you grown from the little sprouts in these directory pages.  I see all the new programming and rentals and committees.  I see new families joining us.

I am glad that we have had this year to celebrate our history.  Even though that time is now finished, we can continue celebrating.  Let’s celebrate the future!