I have brought a bag of things to show you today.  This is my lunch bag.  When I am going to work or a day trip to Waterton Park, I will often pack myself food in here – maybe some fruit and a sandwich.  I bet many of you have lunch bags for school, too.  But something is wrong with my lunch bag – it is empty!  If it was lunch time, that would probably make me feel sad and frustrated and hungry.

This is a balloon, but it is not like the balloons that I have decorating the chancel today… what is wrong with this balloon?  That is right – it is empty!  No air in a balloon means that it is not much fun.  There is not a lot of joy in an empty balloon.

Look at this: a treasure chest!  This could be filled with all kinds of fun things… maybe there are gold coins in here or a crown with colourful gem stones!  Oh, no!  What do you see inside?  It is empty!  Finding an empty treasure chest makes me feel disappointed and unlucky.

Oh, here is one of my favourite DVDs – The Muppets.  If we had a TV in here, I would share this with you today.  Unless… the disc is not in here!  This case is empty.  Finding this empty makes me feel sad and maybe a little worried.

What else is in here?  Have you seen one of these dolls before?  Do you know what is inside?  That is right, there are usually several smaller dolls nestled inside here.  But, look , this doll is empty!

Here is a gift box.  It has a beautiful gold bow on the top; that must mean that there is something very nice inside… unless you are going to guess that it is empty inside.  Are you guessing my theme?  You are right – this box is empty.

And now that we have looked at everything in here – my bag is empty, too!  It has not been too much fun seeing all these empty things.  Finding things empty when you expect otherwise is disappointing, right?  But today’s Bible story is about people who were really excited to find something empty!

This week, we have remembered the events leading to Jesus’ death, his crucifixion, and his burial.  Jesus’ body was placed in the tomb after he died.  The disciples went to care for the body and found that the tomb was empty.  Unlike my lunch bag, unlike this treasure chest – they were excited to find it empty.  They were so excited that they shouted HALLELUJAH!!  They knew that Jesus body was gone from there because he had risen to heaven.  They were excited to find that empty tomb and that is what we celebrate today on Easter!