I have really good eyesight and I am sure that many of you do too.  Or at least, when you are wearing your glasses, your eyesight is good.  But I want you to look at these pictures with me to test your eyes.

These are called optical illusions because if you look at them one way you see something and if you look at it a different way, you can see something different.  Just because our eyes are working does not mean that we are seeing everything.

In the Bible story today, Jesus gives a blind man the gift of sight.  Right away, the blind man sees and understands that Jesus is a holy man – the Son of God.  It is the religious leaders, the ones who are supposed to be smart, cannot see Jesus for who he really is.  We have to wonder who is really blind in this story.  Is it a man who does not have the use of his eyes or a leader who does not have clear understanding?

There are two ways to see each of the illusions we saw: vase or faces, duck or rabbit.  And there are always at least two ways to view the circumstances in our lives.  We always have a chance, like the blind man who has been healed, to seek understanding, look for the truth and see the positive!