Have you been outside enjoying the nice weather this week?  March is great for warming temperatures and sunnier days.  I went on the internet to look at some charts about the weather.  Let me show you what I found.  This one is about the temperature – see how it is low in January, comes up in the summer then starts to go back down…  Same with this graph about the amount of sunshine we get: low at both ends and high in the middle.

When I hold my screen upside down, though, so that it looks high on two ends and low in the middle, it does not make me think of the weather so much as it does my mood during Holy Week.  See how this side is high now?  That can represent how happy everyone was on Palm Sunday.  Jesus coming into town was greeting by a parade and a lot of excited people.  On the other end, this high represents Easter Sunday next week.  Not only do we get to wake up to gifts of candy for breakfast, but we learn that Jesus’ tomb is empty and he has risen from death to heaven.

Those are two pretty high highs, like the temperature and sunshine in July and August.  But what about the middle?  What about his low part on my emotional graph?  That part represents how we feel on Maundy Thursday – the last supper – and Good Friday – the day Jesus dies on the cross.  Without this low part, without how sad we feel when Jesus is betrayed, denied and killed – Easter would not be the happy occasion, the high part of the emotional graph that we are promised.

Let us make it through the sadness of Holy Week together knowing the wonders that await next Sunday as we find the empty tomb!