Earlier this year we talked about Jesus getting baptised in the River Jordan.  The coolest part of that story is when the sky opened up and a dove came down identifying Jesus as God’s son.

Today’s story is similar.  Jesus is not baptised again, but he is transfigured.  That means he changed.  The disciples with him saw his face brighten and his clothes glow – maybe like there was a powerful lightbulb inside him shining through.  Cool!  But the part that makes it most like the baptism story is that the sky opened up again.

After Jesus transfigured, a bright cloud was visible and a voice was heard.  The voice of God repeated almost the same thing that was said at Jesus’ baptism, “This is my beloved son.  In him I am well pleased.”  Which basically mean, “I think this guy is really great.  If I had a gold star, I would definitely give it to him.”

God loved Jesus.  And God loves us too.  I am pretty sure that if we saw a bright cloud and heard a voice from heaven that voice would say, “This is my beloved Charlotte.  In her I am well pleased.” [I did this for each child gathered, identifying her/him by name as I gave her/him a gold star sticker.]  That is why I brought a gold star for each of you today.  Because I think that God would want you to be reminded that you are a beloved child, too.