It is so timely that we are talking about gifts today.  I had my birthday this past week and received many very thoughtful gifts.  What do you think of this keychain?  This was a perfect gift for me: my keychain for my car key just broke a few weeks ago.  My key was just sitting in my pocket not attached to anything – a sure way for it to get lost!  Not only that, but it is shaped like an angel and I always like to imagine that I carry an angel with me wherever I go.  Do you think that this would have been a very good gift for you, Ella, a keychain for your car key?  Probably not… but it was a perfect gift for me.

My Mom sent me this bracelet as a gift for my birthday.  It is so pretty and simple that it will go with so many of my outfits.  Plus, the beads are made of magnets which is great for soothing the pain in my sore wrist.  My Mom knew that this would be a perfect gift for me.   Would it have been a good gift for you, Brennan?  Probably not.

In this great book I got from the library, Thank You Bear, the main character finds a box that he thinks will be the perfect gift for Mouse.  All his other friends say that it is a bad gift – too small, not shiny, too ordinary…  But Bear gives it to Mouse anyway who loves it.  Look at this last page where we see Mouse curled up happily inside and Bear looking so pleased that he was able to choose such a perfect gift for his friend.

Similarly, in our Bible story today, Mary gives Jesus a gift.  She washes his feet with a very expensive cream.  Judas (and maybe some of the others at the party) thought that it was not a good gift and made Mary feel badly just like all the other animals tried to make Bear feel badly.  But Mary gave that gift to Jesus out of love and he was grateful.  This a great lesson for us: that if a gift is given in love and received in love, then it is always just the right thing.