I know that this is a topic that we have talked about before but it is such an important message in the Bible that we’re just going to keep talking about it — love!  I brought some heart stickers today so that we can talk about where love is known in the world or maybe where more love would be a good thing.  We could put a heart here in southern Alberta that would cover us here in Lethbridge.  God loves the penguins in Antarctica.  God loves people who are hungry in Democratic Republic of the Congo.  God loves people growing tulips in Holland.  God loves the poisonous spiders in Australia.  God loves the people affected by fighting in the Middle East.  Where else can we place stickers on this map to show who God loves?

A few months ago, I gave you each one of these to remind you that God’s love is BIG.  This doily is big enough to cover all of South America.  That’s a big love.  But today we hear a piece of scripture that tells us something even better.  God loved the world so much that God sent God’s one and only son to live on Earth.  Anyone who believes in him will not die but will have eternal life.

Did you hear that?!  God loves the world!  Not just the beautiful mountains and the cute bunnies.  Not just the number of stickers that we can apply to the map.  Not just one continent at a time.  God loves the whole world!  Today I brought this big heart to cover the whole map to remind us that God’s love for the world is so big that Jesus – the son of God – was sent to live among us.