Do any of you read a newspaper?  Maybe the sports section or just the comic strips?

What do you do with it once you are done reading?  Leave it in a heap on the floor?  Share it with your neighbour?  Use it to line the bottom of your pet’s cage?  Put in in the recycling bin?

Maybe you have folded a newspaper into a paper hat to play a game of pirates?  Well, this is something that I have which is a great way to reuse newspaper.  These are baskets that hold my socks in my closet at home.  (Right now my socks are piled up on my bed since I had to dump them to bring the baskets here today.)  I love that things that may have been seen as trash can be reused in creative ways.

It is similar to the way God views us – his children.  We are never seen as junk to God.  As we learn more we are always being renewed, repurposed and reconciled with God.  What a great reminder these baskets are that even if we may be feeling like we are not very useful we can be recreated into something that is wonderful to God.