What a fun service!  It is so great to have all this music and all these talented musicians sharing in worship with us this morning.

Today we are going to read Psalm 150 from the Bible.  It is all about praising God with music and that is really what this service is about today.  It lists trumpet, lyre, harp and trimbrel (which is similar to a tambourine).  We have some of those things here today – plus saxophone, trombone, guitar, piano and more.

I know that some of you can play musical instruments, too – flute, handbells, violin, baritone… But I do not think that God requires us to have anything fancy to praise with music.  Brenton, Anna and Juran along with the rest of the choir are using their voices.  I would like to be able to use my voice, too, but I do not have the talent that they all do.  You know what I like to do instead?  I like silly homemade instruments.

I just learned last night how to play the comb by watching video lessons on youtube.  I am not very good at it; I should practice more.  I tried to learn to play spoons too, but that was a bit of a disaster – I cannot even figure out how to hold them!  I found this big plastic salad bowl that will make a great drum and some pie plates to clang together like cymbals.  I made this tambourine out of paper plates and some beads.  And this guitar out of a tissue box and some elastic bands… What do you think?  The music we are making with these is not quite as beautiful as the music we are enjoying from the choir and band.

God is not concerned with the type of music we choose to make.  As long as we have praise on our minds and music in our hearts.  Let us continue to make a joyful noise through this service and into the rest of the week.