I have started a new job in the last month at Family Centre.  I was looking through the resource library there and came across this book.  It is called Have You Filled a Bucket Today?  I had heard of it before from someone whose son goes to the Montessori School.  Maybe some of you have read it too.

The idea of the book is that everyone carries around an invisible bucket.  You can fill another person’s bucket by being kind, saying nice things, even just by smiling at them.  Buckets can be emptied when we ignore others, use harsh words, or bully.  The fullness of our buckets represents our self-esteem or how good we feel about ourselves.

It is a nice book about how to be bucket-fillers instead of bucket-dippers.  Every ‘good morning’, every ‘I’m glad to see you’, every ‘you bake great cookies’ helps to fill a bucket and raise someone’s self-esteem.

In today’s Bible story, Jesus tells us that by welcoming others, we are welcoming Jesus himself.  By being kind to others, we are being kind to Jesus.  When we offer a glass of cool water to someone who is thirsty, we are caring for Jesus himself.

If Jesus was here, I would be smiling and welcoming and nice and I would invite him to come for coffee time after the service.  I would try to fill his bucket with kind words.  But because Jesus the person is not here, I will do those things for you today – I will try to fill your buckets!

Welcome!  I’m glad you’re here!  Please join us for coffee!