This is my favourite book.  Do any of you know it?  Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is a book that I like to read sometimes when I am having a bad day.  No matter what how bad my day is, Alexander always seems to have it a little worse than me.  One day, I stubbed my toe and reading this book made me feel better because at least I did not have to have lima beans for dinner (gross!) and I did not have to watch kissing on tv (gross!).  He has to go to the dentist, he gets pushed in the mud, and he does not have any dessert in his lunch bag.

With all the troubles that Alexander is experiencing, he thinks that he would be better off moving to Australia.  I guess he does not think that he would ever lose his marble down the drain in Australia and that he would always get a window seat in the car.  But I do not think that running away from our troubles is a very good solution.

In today’s Bible story, Elijah also tries to run away. He felt like he was the only one left who loved God.  He worried that all the good things he had done were not going to matter.  He felt lonely and hopeless.  Elijah did not believe that he could carry on the good things he had been doing in God’s name when he felt so scared.  He ran away.

Alexander had a bad day and wished to escape to Australia.  Elijah had a bad day and ran away into the wilderness beyond Beersheba.  Maybe he would have run as far as Australia if he could…  But he was coaxed back into resuming his good works by God’s whispered voice on a mountaintop.  Alexander was tucked into bed by his mother’s reassuring words:  “Some days are like that.  Even in Australia.”