Trust is something that we do every day without thinking about it.  We believe that the bus is going to come at the same time each day.  We have faith that when we turn on the tap, water will come out.  We trust that when we see “peanut-free” on a package that we can safely take it in our lunch to school.  We can rely on our helmets to protect our heads when we are out on a bike ride.

I read a funny story this week about Adam and Eve.  The first people that God created in the Bible were very scared when the sun first set on the first day after they were created.  They did not have any knowledge that the sun would return in the morning and that made them worry.  Of course, we have experienced enough sunrises and sunsets to know that a new day is always coming.  And after that experience, Adam and Eve trusted in that too.

In today’s Bible story, a man came to Jesus with a request that his servant be healed.  This man was a great believer in trust.  He could be certain that the people around him would do as he asked:  put on that hat, turn on that light, make breakfast.  He knew that Jesus could heal his servant and had faith that he would do so.

May we all have faith in Jesus as strong and as sure as the faith we have that the run will rise on each new day.