As we celebrate our 100th Anniversary today, I begin to think about how a church and a community can last so long.  We must be made of really tough stuff to get so old.

I read a story this week that maybe some of you already know.  It is about three brothers who each build a house.  The first building was made of straw – in this case we will use drinking straws.  Do you think we can make a tough and lasting church from straws?  The second brother made his structure from sticks – maybe not popsicle sticks like these ones.  Even this frame that I made last night is rickety and fragile.  Do you think we could make a permanent or durable sanctuary with these bad materials?  I do not think so.

Anybody know what the third brother in the story used to build his house?  Of course – he used Lego bricks!  You guys all know that bricks make a building strong and enduring and unwavering.  I found this partially built house in the nursery this morning.  It has a foundation at the bottom which holds the whole thing together – that is Jesus.  It has a layer of bricks already existing – those are the people who founded this church and who make up its history.  Now I see bricks with more names on them – James, Ella, Leah, Kyla, Emma, Hilary… We add each of our bricks on to the existing structure and make the church stronger and better with each one.

Jesus wishes for us to be the living stones of this church – to build the place up and hold it strong.  May we all be contributors to the life of this church.