I brought my carabineer clip to show you today.  I now that some people use these for rock climbing, but I am not that adventurous and I’m not wearing the right shoes.  They are used to grip on to the safety line as you climb up higher and higher.  Once your carabineer is attached – nothing will separate you from your equipment because these are strong!

I use mine to attach my water bottle to my gym bag.  When I am exercising, I do not want to be separated from my water.  I need to be sure that my bottle is close by when I feel hot or tired or thirsty.

Christopher has one too.  He keeps his car keys on it.  The best part about that is he can clip that carabineer onto his belt loop and then not worry about dropping his keys when we go hiking in Waterton.  Unless he also loses his pants, Christopher does not have to worry about losing his keys.  He can trust the carabineer to keep them safe.

God’s love for you is like this carabineer.  It is strong.  It makes you feel safe.  It saves you from worry.  And it keeps you close.  Nothing can separate you from God’s love.  Nothing.