Merry Christmas!

For a lot of people, Christmas is already over.  The tree is put out for pickup, the lights are taken down from the front porch, and the shortbread is tucked safely in our tummies for another year.  But you are not back to school yet and Epiphany has not arrived yet, so it is still Christmas for us.

I got these great new earrings for Christmas this year.  I want everyone to know how much I like them so I wear them around and point them out to people. I also got a new book.  I have already started to read it and I am thinking about who else would like to read it.  I might share it with my sister or some friends in my book club.

What gifts did you get that you have already shared?  What gifts are you excited to tell your friends about at school this week?  It is fun to share our toys and excitement with people we know.  It is a great way to make Christmas last a bit longer.

The biggest and best Christmas gift is not one that gets wrapped up under the tree.  Jesus was the gift given by God to us all on the first Christmas.  And just the way we share our books and gifts with our friends, we have the opportunity to share Jesus too.  When we love each other, find joy together, help our neighbours, and hope for peace on Earth – that gift from God is shared.  Let us work to make our favourite Christmasy feelings last throughout the year.