I just arrived back from my holidays in Ontario last night.  There were three of us: me, Christopher, and my sister Shelagh who is staying with us for the month.  We all arrived by plane, but unwisely on two separate flights.  But let’s imagine that we all came together.

Have you ever been to an airport?  There are a lot of lights there.  The plane itself is covered with lights.  Then there are the lights that line each runway so that the planes can see the safe place to take off and land.  Plus there is one guy bundled up in a snowsuit with a couple of glow sticks.  He (or she) uses them to direct the plane which way to go once it is on the ground.  A little to the left, a little to the right.

Today is Epiphany Sunday.  It is the day each year when we remember the three wise men (or women) who followed the Christmas star to find Jesus.  Their journey was lit like the airport runway.  When we remember their long journey, we also remember our own.  We are always working to follow Jesus.  He has marked the path for us by telling us the right ways to live.  But who is the one bundled up at the airport directing us little by little on our way?  Our teachers, our families, our friends…  We can all be that guide to each other helping our brothers and sisters to stay on the path of goodness and right relationship with God.